We Have a Problem? I call it Kabuki

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We have a problem, most wall street companies are good at Kabuki.

Kabuki is a Japanese popular drama with singing and dancing performed in a dramatic manner. The word Kabuki is derived from a Japanese verb Kabuku meaning out of the norm or bizarre. It started in the 17th century when a shrine maid in Japan used river banks to perform her dances and songs. She made her art accessible to the general public. She relied on makeup and emotion to provide a unique experience for her viewers.

She started a movement that allowed other artists to practice Kabuki on the river banks and tea houses, however, some artists started to use public attention to advertise their bodies. Later on, the conservative voices in Japan banned Kabuki and it kept evolving throughout time.

Kabuki was started as an art form to entertain the masses before a few bad people hijacked the art, and sold their bodies. Wall Street companies practice a lot of Kabuki in form of social responsibility, they want to give back to the community because they are expected to do so, instead of doing it because they want to do the right thing.

You will hear companies hijack the news cycle and insert their names into the news media to promote their companies. I just want to tell Wall Street that most people see through that, do good, because it is good, and not because it sounds good.

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