My Thoughts on George Floyd

Not expecting this to be a popular post.

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I have struggled for the last two days to express my feelings about #GeorgeFloyd on that video.

I’m heartbroken to witness hate, frustrated to see another young man die because of the color of his skin.

I have many friends who serve our community as police officers, and they are great people. What I saw on that video is not what I believe our police officers are, most police officers are great people who want to protect. & serve our communities.

What we witnessed in that video is a criminal that used the police uniform to murder another man.

For the last few years, many police officers that I know have been working tirelessly to bridge the gap between themselves & the community that they took an oath to serve. These four police officers that we saw on that video demolished everything that they have built.

We have a choice to make, we can witness injustice & do nothing or speak up, & I’m confident that good police officers had enough & they won’t let some horrible officers damage the profession that they love.

I witnessed Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey trying his best to heal his city by being honest, and transparent. He promised his city that they will hold these officers accountable quickly. He called for charges against these four officers, and I heard law enforcement officials condemn these four officers’ actions loudly. We need to do more, the point is not to claim that we do not see color, the point is to see color, hear color, respect color, honor color, and love color.

I want you to see me for who I’m, for what makes me unique.

I’m a Muslim brown man who worked for city government for 15 years, I serve because I owe this country everything I have. I’m a man who has friends who live in blue states, and friends who live in red states, I do not hate the president, I pray for him, I coach my kid’s soccer team, and I volunteer to help at the food bank, and more.

I’m married with two kids, my youngest child wants to be a police officer and loves taking pictures with them, my oldest likes science and history, and he pretends to be a scientist, my wife makes the best desserts, and we all love this great country. I want you to see us as productive members of society, and not a threat to your safety.

When one of us commits a mistake, treat us as human beings and not sub-humans, no one deserves to be treated as George Floyd was treated.

This is not only my wish, it is a wish that every person of color has.

We got work to do, we got more love to give, we got more bridges to build.

The only way to heal us as a nation, it’s not to ignore our differences but to embrace them.

Let’s do the work.

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