Are You Willing To Build Your Business on This Question?

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Every morning, I go to work on a mission to answer one question, if I do not show up, who will miss me?

If I shut this blog down, will anybody even notice? If I stop being a dad, will my kids miss me? If I stopped being me, will it bother anyone?

This question is what drives me every day. If you do not show up to work, will anybody miss you? If you do not show to your kids’ soccer practice, will they miss you? If you stop being a spouse, will your wife or husband miss you?

If you answer “No” to any of the above questions, examine your behavior, and start sharing more of yourself so that people can miss you. Be present. Listen with empathy. Act with urgency. Lead with integrity.

The answers to these questions are hard. They require you to be humble and vulnerable. If you are not ready to be humble and vulnerable, save yourself the trouble and don’t ask yourself these questions. If you want to take this to a different level, ask your inner circle this question.

If I do not show up, will anybody miss me?

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