These are the best-kept secrets of building great teams

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Cozymeal is a cooking company that operates in San Francisco. It is revolutionizing team building activities by getting your hands dirty. If you want an exercise to bring your team together, call Cozymeal. A chef will come to you, armed with aprons and spoons. He has no set instructions, only creativity. He will help you mix ingredients and encourage you to socialize with other people. If you desire to transform your workforce from a group of people to a team, call Cozymeal. Many other companies are capitalizing on this need to bring people together to be more productive. How do…

Where should you start?

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The guy who wants to get married because he is tired of washing dishes will not be a good husband. He needs to dig deeper for another reason.

The teacher who wants to teach, because he wants three months of summer vacation, will not be a good teacher. He needs to wake up and babysit 15 kids for a day.

The man who wants to be a police officer to write tickets will not be serving anybody. He needs to be in jail, and please do not visit him.

The crazy person who wants to be a health inspector because…

Are you waiting?

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How Long Does it Take To Form a Habit?

Most people say it takes 21 days to form a habit, but the truth is no one knows how long it takes anyone to create a habit exactly.

Some people say 66 days, and some say it varies from one person to another. No one agrees on the exact number, but everyone agrees it takes less than 365.

The pandemic almost started 365 ago, which means many new habits have been formed in the last year. The way you work, read, shop, study, and the network has changed.

All of Our Habits Have Changed

Your neighbors, friends, coworkers, and team habits have changed too. These newly…

Are you willing to adopt these strategies?

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When I work with business owners to grow their online presence, their first question is, “Should I dedicate 50% of my time online and 50% in-person?”

I say no, be 100 % online and 100 % in-person. This is a significant mindset shift that most people need to adopt. When culture changes, businesses should be changing at the same rate. If the culture changes faster than your business, your business becomes irrelevant, ask Blockbuster.

These are five mindset shifts that you need to adopt for faster growth.

I- COVID-19 Is Not a Disruptor

Stop looking at COVID-19 as a disruptor, and look at it as an…

Funnels are tools and not solutions.

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Marketing is the act of telling stories about your products.

Selling is a part of your marketing strategy, but it can not be the only part. If you do your marketing correctly, selling becomes easy.

To be a successful marketer, you have to get personal and perform two essential functions:

  • Solve your ideal client’s main problem
  • Get your customers to say “yes.”

Humans are conditioned to say “no” because “yes” means commitment, and people do not like to commit unless they have to. …

How do you market your products?

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Let’s get Starbucks. Starbucks became synonymous with coffee. They did not invent coffee, but they positioned their brand so well that customers started to think about them every time they think coffee.

This is called positioning.

Positioning is the space that your brand owns in the mind of your customers. It helps your business grow in a crowded market place. It is not about inventing new products. It is about occupying a permanent position in your customer’s mind.

Brand positioning is a way to differentiate your products from your competition. It helps your customers identify and connect with your products…

Seek Discomfort

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Everyone I meet and interact with wants to grow. They read and listen to books that help them grow. But Let’s admit it, reading alone does not help. You must do the work, practice your craft, and take massive action.

That’s how most people sabotage their growth. They focus on planning more than doing. I hate to inform you, but too much planning has little to do with results. At one point, you have to take action.

Here are four kinds of thinking that slow your progress and sabotage your growth.

1- Too Much Information

The internet and social media made most information easily…

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  1. Have clear, specific, written goals for your business and your life.
  2. Focus on the 20 % of activities that account for 80% of your results.
  3. The purpose of your business is to create and serve your customers.
  4. The easiest way to make more money is to solve more problems.
  5. Every business should adopt a continuous improvement mindset.
  6. Focus on generating a steady stream of qualified leads every day.
  7. You do not have a business until you make your first sale; focus on marketing, so selling becomes easier.
  8. Manage your cash flow, and or you will be managed by it.
  9. You…

Are you focused enough to do something worth sharing?

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Most people lose focus for two reasons, either distractions or exhaustion.

People live their lives the same way they use the internet, they have many tabs open simultaneously, and they think they are more productive. Working on too many projects won’t make you more productive. It makes you more forgetful, thus decreasing your ability to get things done. Focus on working on no more than three projects.

The second reason most people can’t focus is exhaustion. Dr. Michael Baime states that being exhausted impairs attention, short-term memory, and other mental functions. …

The acronym is SEARCH holds the secret.

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Dr. Ned Hallowell is one of the world’s leading experts on grabbing and holding people’s attention. He often speaks about the importance of getting people’s attention and maintaining their attention in any business venture and marketing campaigns. If you are a marketer, you have to learn how to do both of these tasks very well.

How do you get someone’s attention?

According to Dr. Hallowell, the acronym SEARCH holds the secret to grabbing people’s attention.

  • S — Scare
  • E — Excite/Educate
  • A — Attack/Annoy/Amaze
  • R — Reassure/Reward
  • C — Charm
  • H — Help

Scare: Mainstream media have used this method to get people’s attention for a long time.

Excite / Educate: Humans like to…

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